We are heading towards the first most anticipated tech event of current year; that is the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 scheduled to be held from 26th February to 1st March. As you know Samsung is all set to grab the attention by unveiling Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ on 25th February; a day earlier to dominate the show.

We’ve seen a free flow of rumors and reports highlighting different features of the upcoming duo of Galaxy lineup in recent months. All this is going to stop as the South Korean tech giant has started sharing main features of the flagship devices; especially the Galaxy S9 camera.

Video Clips Highlighting Galaxy S9 Camera Features

Samsung has just released three teaser trailers on its official YouTube channel focusing Galaxy S9 camera features. Although, all those video trailers are 15 seconds long but more than enough to attract more and more Samsung fans inside the digit “9”!

The first video teaser shows various fast moving objects, animals and people, ending with a slow-moving sky-diver falling towards the earth. The clip clearly highlights the super slow motion video recording feature of Galaxy S9, encircled in the big 9. Let’s have a look at the video:

The second clip depicts the time of night with dark images all around. All of a sudden a deer appears in the shadow and then it lit up with a focus on digit 9. With this, Samsung hints towards enhanced camera capabilities of Galaxy S9 through a variable aperture lens; even in low-light circumstances.

In the third video, we can see a dude pulling a number of expressive faces across a series of situations. The clip ends up with the familiar digit 9 covering up the man’s face and turning it into an animated cartoon version. So Samsung affirms the Galaxy S9’s apparent 3D emoji feature.

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