After the news of last-minute design changes, Samsung galaxy Note 9 has become one of the most anticipated smartphones right now that is announced to be unveiled on August 9th. As we’re heading to the announced date, we hardly know a few specs of the upcoming device but a series of fresh commercial advertisements released by the Korean tech giant have confirmed at least three major upgrades.

Bigger Battery

Battery is certainly the most vital component of a smartphone and if it becomes horrible when it gets died before the end of the day. The first video teaser portrays exactly the same scenario. It’s really frustrating when you are in an important call or waiting for a text reply and your smartphone dies on you.

Samsung presents an ultimate solution by adding a 4,000 mAh battery to fuel the Galaxy Note 9 all day long. This becomes the largest battery placed in a mass-market smartphone by Samsung that is meant to offer over 25 hours of continuous video playback at maximum brightness.

The larger battery capacity of the Note 9 is expected to be the smartphone’s biggest selling point considering past user criticism of the Note series’ relatively small batteries. After all, with its huge display and improved S-Pen, the Note 9 needs a large battery, right?

Bigger Storage

The storage capacity of a smartphone is perhaps the second most feared entity as running out of storage is equally disturbing for those who have enormous data to carry with. Although, almost entire range of flagship devices by all manufacturers cater this very feature but Samsung has decided to go beyond the limits.

The second video significantly highlights the out-of-storage annoyance that leads to deleting your favourite images, videos or apps to spare some space for new items. This will not be the case with Galaxy Note 9 as we’ll have an enormous 512GB of native storage.

The Korean tech giant has reviewed its policy towards introducing larger storage capacity while offering up to 400GB expandable storage with the Galaxy S9. It is obvious that Samsung will certainly go on with the same policy and Galaxy Note 9 with huge capacity along with support for up to 1TB cards is just the beginning. Pretty sure no user will have to face storage issues from now on.

Faster Processing

As life gets faster, how to accommodate a slow-running smartphone! This is what the third video labelled “Phone too slow?” showcases how users have to face their smartphones slowing down overtime. Well, Samsung isn’t willing to let that happen with users of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9.

The commercial shows a user trying to download a file but failing to do so due to the phone hanging up. Samsung aims to solve this issue by introducing 6GB or 8GB of RAM in the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. Pair this with the expected Snapdragon 845 chipset and it shouldn’t be a surprise if the phone flies away during usage!

Not to mention that an 8GB RAM isn’t something new in the smartphone industry as OnePlus 5T had already been equipped with the same RAM. However, Samsung’s work is indefinitely better than their competitors. This will be the first time a Samsung smartphone gets equipped with 8 GB RAM and thereby it is quite certain that the phone’s performance will be above user expectations.

All these video teasers end with a message to wait something happening on August 9th – the unveiling ceremony of Galaxy Note 9. Click here if you want to pre-register for the unpacking event scheduled to be held at 8 pm Pakistan Standard Time.