Samsung Foldable Phone release date further delayed as the South Korean manufacturer clarifies its previous statement. That means the innovative phone is not going to be unveiled anytime soon.

Samsung Foldable Phone Release Date

As reported recently, Samsung was supposed to bring the first ever Foldable Smartphone in November this year. A senior Samsung official when said in an interview “it’s time to deliver”, many of tech enthusiast believed that the South Korean tech giant would bring the long-awaited foldable device later this year.

However, Samsung has now clarified its statement by saying that it won’t be launching its foldable phone in November. Rather, the company’s mobile division CEO said that they will announce ‘more details and specifications’ in November at the Samsung Developer Conference.

“We will have more to say about the phone under development by that time, probably some details about specifications.”

Not to mention that Samsung is one of the major players who have been continuously working on an innovative concept of Foldable Display. The company has claimed earlier this year that they will be the first ones to make a consumer-ready iteration of a foldable device, and bring it to the market before any other competitor does.

With the latest development, it becomes vulnerable for Samsung to justify its claim as some Chinese manufacturers like Huawei have the same kind of ambitions.

Let’s wait and see who manages to bring the first ever foldable smartphone in the market. Stay tuned for more updates.