Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Level limited to 60 percent

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been a troublesome for the users as the incidents of battery explosion reported from different parts of the world in recent weeks. The company has begun a global recall of around 2.5 million Note 7 flagship along with a temporary solution of reducing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery level to 60% of the full capacity.

This all will be done by a software update from the Korean giant by capping the charging limit of the faulty Note 7 devices batteries to 60 percent of overall capacity. The update will soon be rolled out to all Note 7 units except those sent to China, as those are the only ones without the Samsung SDI’s faulty battery.

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The solution is temporary at best and in achieving safety compromises the experience, though, to most users the cost will be more than welcome. The preferred solution remains the replacement of the Note 7’s battery with a safer replacement, or an exchange with the existing Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

The update will begin rolling out starting from September 20, with South Korea its first market. When it reaches the rest of the markets, it depends on many factors. Until then, it is recommended that you turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and don’t use or charge it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Replacement Sticker

It is important to note that Samsung is making all out efforts to make Note 7 safe for their users. The replacement continues while marking a small black box on the bar code label next to which is a white sticker with an “S” logo on their respective boxes.


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