The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is bigger, stronger and packs all the amazing features we can expect from the Galaxy line-up of the South Korean tech giant. But is the phone really worth the massive PKR 108,999 starting price Samsung is asking?

Let’s run a quick go through and know how the Note 8 would become your productivity tool and justify the higher price tag.

note-8-s-penThe S Pen

The S Pen is the iconic symbol of the Note series and the one associated with the Note 8 is the best in the market. This thing will make a huge difference to those who have a need for a stylus and know how to use it to improve their productivity. Having the S Pen around is a total beauty for productivity buffs and professionals. No stylus really gets close to it. This is one thing Samsung has totally nailed.

If you have to take notes often in your daily routine, I bet the S Pen would become your ultimate choice. It will not take more than a second to pull out the stylus and open up the Samsung Notes app. The S Pen also works amazingly with apps like One Note, Evernote and even Google’s Handwriting Input. It also works like a charm with drawing and design apps like Photoshop. This time Samsung has made the stylus even more intelligent by adding very handy features like translation, Bixby Vision, a screen magnifying tool, Screen Write, Smart Select and even Live Messages.

note-8-screen-sizeScreen size

If you think that the Note 8 is terribly large in size with screen size of 6.3 inches, you are absolutely right. But don’t forget that the same screen is the real beauty of the Note 8. This is because in the world of productivity, size matters. You could have a huge screen, but it’s worth nothing if it has a low resolution. Lucky for productivity lovers, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t disappoint in either department.

This 6.3-inch AMOLED screen is simply elegant with a crisp of 2960×1440 pixels resolution. But why does size matter? Simply put, the larger the screen, the more you can see at once. You don’t have to scroll around to see most emails. Visibility is better when looking at websites and other content. There’s more space to type on, which makes for much faster response time.


We are aware of the Android’s capability to perform multiple tasking at the same time but Note 8 makes the unique feature more reliable and quick by adding more grains and salts.

First one is the Multi Window Mode that makes it possible to open a couple of applications at once, making them both visible and accessible simultaneously. The large screen splits up into two, giving each app its own area. You can then edit window sizes to your preference and even drag/drop content across apps. It’s possible to minimize windows, just as you would in a traditional desktop OS.

Second one is the Glance, which is yet another S Pen feature. It minimizes applications to a little window in the corner of the screen, to which you can return any time you like.


If you are a productivity fanatic, you would never like the phone that ends up in the middle of the day with zero battery. Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has always excelled in this department. These phones are large and it makes sense to stick larger batteries in them.

The Note 8 carries a 3,300 mAh battery. Though that is no longer as amazing as it seemed some years ago, it offers solid battery life. Samsung claims 15 to 18 hours life of Note 8 with a single charge. Even when juice is running low, you won’t have trouble charging up. The phone supports fast charging using both wired and wireless chargers.

Our Say

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a beautiful, though over-priced, but a high-tech gadget. It could be a great tool for you if you really know how to take advantage of its many functions. Major competitors are way behind the Note series and this latest one is certainly a productivity beast. Go and get one.