It seems that all the big guns of 2017 are in competition to face annoying user experience due to some hardware or software issues. Earlier, we’ve seen Google Pixel 2 XL reported with shady and burn-in issues with display and iPhone 8 having an issue of clicking sounds from the speaker. Although both the manufacturers have shown their commitment to address the ‘minor’ issues.

The story does not end over here as now the $1000 device Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users have come up on the official Samsung forum with diverse complaints of phone getting frozen while in use.

According to some users, the phone gets irresponsive when they try to open the contacts, dialer or messaging app. And once the phone freezes, all you can do is a force restart. The problem does not seem to be a region-specific as some users from the USA as well as Europe are facing the same issue.

On the other hand, when Android Police contacted those users who appeared on Samsung forum with this specific complaint, a long list of actions has been gathered by the tech blog based on their complaints and replies. The phone gets frozen while:

  • Using speed dial
  • Making calls from the recent calls list and contacts
  • Tapping on contacts in the Phone app
  • Tapping on contacts in the Messages app
  • Loading an Excel spreadsheet from an email
  • Opening contacts
  • Using the contacts list
  • Using Pokémon GO, Chrome, and the Google app
  • Tapping a contact in the Messages and Contacts apps
  • Charging overnight
  • Opening the Phone app
  • Opening an individual contact in the Contacts app
  • Opening Contacts while texting
  • While making a phone call

The list shows almost all the basic core tasks a common user can think of. The users also tried to clear cache and even done the factory reset but of no use; the phone still does the same.

We expect the Samsung will take appropriate action to address the issue as quickly as possible to avoid some kind of ill-reporting with the $1000 phone.