Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

Samsung that met a miserable incident in their history with exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are working on their coming products making it sure not to repeat Note 7 again. One of these products is the Samsung Galaxy S8 that has made a place in tech rumors.

The company has started building hype among masses by saying S8 will have a “slick design”, “enhanced artificial intelligence service” and “improved dual-lens camera”. This all would surface next year but let us have a look into what we know so far.


At the moment nobody knows what exactly the “slick design” mean as there is not too much disclosed whether there is a design overhaul or we will see another successor of Galaxy S6.

A rumor circulated by some tech blogs reveals that the S8 will have curved glass on all four sides of the device, including top and bottom. This is also said that we’ll see two versions of the Galaxy S8; 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches.

Another rumor regarding design changes claims you’ll not see the physical home button and the built-in battery. It seems that Samsung has decided to go with removable batteries after the disaster of Note 7.


The claim of incorporating “enhanced artificial intelligence service” is also something not physically disclosed as yet. We can guess that it might have a connection to acquisition of Al Firm Viv Labs by Samsung. There may be an introduction of replica of Google Assistant introduced in Google Allo.

It is also expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will support Google’s Daydream VR platform and a shift to USB Type-C making it compatible with Samsung’s latest Gear VR. The S8 will also get a UI redesign similar to that found on dead Note 7.

Although not yet confirmed by Samsung but in the headlines that the S8 will have 4K Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon 830 chipset along with 6 GB of RAM.


Samsung Galaxy S8 will incorporate an “improved dual-lens camera”, this is what the rumors are encircling among tech lovers. According to latest leaks, the S8 will have two 16 MP lenses at the rear and an 8 MP selfie shooter at the front.

If anybody claims to see anything from 12 to 30 MP main shooter, he is also right because there is no confirmed reports as yet for the shooters. Samsung is, however, rumored to be working on a new camera with a super-wide f/1.4 aperture.


One can easily guess that if Samsung is putting everything in S8, especially after a failed experience of Note 7, the price tag would be higher than the previous S series smartphones. On the other hand, Samsung may reduce price to attract as many customers as it possibly can to build up its image in the market once again.

As an idea we expect to see $650 to $700 with 32 GB of storage. If we get the base storage option doubled what we expect at the moment, price may vary plus 100.

Release Date

It is expected that all the rumors we have discussed in our post will come to an end on February 26 next year as it is the deadline for official release of Samsung Galaxy S8. There is some logic behind our expectation; being an S series smartphone it will be rolled out prior MWC 2017.


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