Samsung seems to be trapped in another battery related issue for its top-end and bestselling smartphones; reminding the dilemma of Note 7 faced in 2016. Earlier, users of Note 8 reported a battery related issue where phone not being charged once the battery hits zero percent. Whereas, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ join their bigger mate in a different type of charging issue.

Users of these high-end smartphones from the South Korean tech leader come up on Reddit and Samsung Community Forums sharing a strange issue that was not experienced earlier. The display of the affected devices turns on without being touched while on charging.

Normally the phones connected to chargers or charging pads get their display turned on for a while as soon as the charging starts and turn off afterwards. The displays never turn on except when user touches the display or a notification or message hits the phone. But in these specific cases, users experience the display getting on randomly without any obvious reason.

Galaxy S8 Users’ Experience

One of the affected user described that even after factory resetting the device and turning off everything from the settings menu, the Galaxy S8 wakes up after every 10 seconds. Some of the users claim that they were facing the same issue since June 2017 while another one is quite sure that the issue is related with the software update released in November last year and arises when it is on wireless charging.

Two of the affected Samsung customer recorded and shared their experience in which the devices are visible turning on the display after every 10 seconds. See the videos below!

It seems that the display blinking issue with Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+ is not widespread at the moment, however, if the issue relates with any kind of software bug, it might also be seen in other devices at any time.

Samsung earlier responded to Note 8 battery issue and said that it was limited to some units. However, the affected devices have not been addressed with any remedy so far as the investigations are underway.

If you own an S8/S8+ or Note 8 and are also facing similar issues do let us know in comments below.