Battery had been a nightmare for the tech giant Samsung; at least it’s true for the case of Note 7. According to media reports Samsung is gearing up to cross some boundaries next year. This time the device will be the upcoming Galaxy S9.

According to the Korean media ETNews, the rumoured Galaxy S9 may come with a new type of motherboard, based on the SLP (Substrate Like PCB) technology allowing manufacturers to fit more components onto a single board using additional layers of components, while retaining the size of the board.

Supposedly, Samsung will use the new technology to incorporate a bigger battery in the next S device without compromising on the compactness. However, the report claims that the SLP technology would only be used for the units powered by the Exynos chipset; the Qualcomm versions will come with the less-efficient HDI (High-Density Interconnect) technology.


If it is true, then Samsung will introduce two variants of the same device differing in the motherboard technology and the battery size. We can also expect difference in body sizes if the company decides to retain the same battery capacity for the two variants (with the Qualcomm variant being bigger in order to house the same size battery as the “global” version).

If we think about the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, it does not seem appropriate for Samsung to get involved in another experimentation with the battery features of the upcoming flagship. We never know what actually will come to surface next year.

What do you think if we may see different sized batteries for different markets next year? Let us know your views.