Samsung is in the headlines of today because of the hype created by the upcoming flagship device – Samsung Galaxy S9. Although there were reports that the South Korean tech leader would start mass production of Galaxy S9 in December but the new reports suggest that they are actually moving at a fast pace to bring the new product on the shelves.

We have already shared with our readers that Samsung has geared up to unveil Galaxy S9 at the CES 2018 to be held in January next year. So the time is getting short and Samsung is moving fast!

Although the upcoming device would have been finalised with respect to its specs sheet and design features but the rumors and reports are running in with the same speed. There are two today to share with you.

On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

galaxy-s9-with-on-screen-fingerprint-sensorThe manufacturers’ swing from old ugly displays to bezelless ones have created huge design complications to counter with. In favour of full-screen display, the manufacturer have to ditch the hardware buttons from the front of the device. But there are some features that are better accessible from the front of the screen only.

One of such features and the centre of attention owing to evolution of display is the ‘fingerprint scanner’. The easy solution is the shift of an important security feature from the front to rear like Samsung did for Galaxy S8 and Note 8 series tucking fingerprint sensor besides the main camera on the back. While others like Meizu are working to place it at the edge of the phone. Whereas Apple has totally vanished the feature by replacing it with the Face ID for the iPhone X.

The reports related to Samsung surfaced on tech blogs that suggest that the company has filed a patent for an on-screen fingerprint sensor that tucks right below the screen and performs well. More interestingly, not a single section but the whole screen will work as a fingerprint sensing pad and will allow a user to scan and enter into the phone. The sensor is expected to be shipped with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

According to Forbes,

The patent explains that sitting below a regular screen display will be a pressure sensor. Above the display is the touch sensor, the fingerprint sensor, and finally the cover glass. The fingerprint sensor will be activated at a specific level of pressure. The patent also shows that using different areas of the screen to read the fingerprint will result in different actions and unlocked areas of the device.

Android Oreo for Galaxy S9

galaxy-s9-with-android-oreoAlthough Samsung is not known for providing timely and regular software updates for their smartphones like Nokia has emerged as a brand with super-fast Android updates for all the Nokia devices available in the market so far. However, new leaks making their way to the Galaxy Club reveal that we may see Galaxy S9 and S9+ running on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box not Android 8.1, which is in the beta stage for even Google’s Pixel devices.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung often adds some of the anticipated features in its software even before Google brings them with an Android update. For instance, instant-app switching feature was already there for Galaxy S7 edge, while Google rolled it out later with Android Nougat 7.0.

Samsung may switch to Android 8.1 at a later stage in the testing process, but conventionally the company usually handles things, it might not happen until a few months after the Galaxy S9 has gone on sale.

Let us wait and see what else is there with Samsung to introduce in the Galaxy S9…