If you follow design features of the Apple iPhone series, you’ll probably come to know that Apple makes it sure to introduce at least one unique feature in every new iPhone that is not available on other competing devices. The recently unveiled iPhone X has at least two such features that may become trendsetters and enforce others to follow. Although both of them are already there on some Android devices but Apple has really made them far beyond anything the industry has ever seen before.

Let me make it clear; the iPhone X has an-all screen design (bezelless in other words) that’s never been seen with that distinction on competing devices like Note 8 and Mate 10. The other significant feature is the TrueDepth camera that enables the 3D facial recognition feature what Apple named ‘Face ID’. That’s also something not yet found on Android flagships.

Galaxy S9 to Copy iPhone X

Here comes the twist; as mentioned earlier both unique features of iPhone X may compel others to follow and it’s none other than Samsung that may bring Apple’s features, at least the 3D camera, on the upcoming Galaxy S9.

Samsung has undoubtedly been the leader in smartphone market but that doesn’t mean that the South Korean tech giant may not follow others. As far as bezelless displays are concerned, it is true that Samsung introduced Galaxy S8 with an all-screen features before the iPhone X was even announced. After all, Samsung has been the master mind and the sole vendor of iPhone X’s OLED screens. So this is not the factor that may be copied by Samsung!


According to a tipster with a solid track record, the Galaxy S9 will necessarily copy the iPhone X’s ‘notch design’ next year. If you don’t know, Apple calls the notch a “tiny space” at the top of the iPhone X. Apple brings a miniaturized Kinect over there that can scan faces in 3D, providing secure logins that can’t be hacked with a picture. Surely, this is what Samsung has not tried in its existing facial recognition features inside the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S9 will have a “3D sensor front camera,” which would basically be Samsung’s version of a TrueDepth camera and sensor array.

Even though, we’ll have to wait until February or March next year when the Galaxy S9 would become reality. But surely there will be a series of ‘leaks’ featuring the next generation of Samsung’s Face ID in the coming months. Manufacturing TrueDepth cameras is major bottleneck for iPhone X production. So if it’s a problem for Apple, it might be a problem for Samsung as well. Let us wait and see how Samsung plans to make it happen.