Samsung is not only the leading smartphones manufacturer but also knows the tactics to be the lead story of newsrooms. The tech giant from South Korea is being heard for quite long for its upcoming state of the art folding smartphone – Samsung Galaxy X.

Although the smartphone still lies in the rumors with no definite date of launch yet announced but the latest developments by Samsung hint the gadget is around the corner that may be announced any time.

A new support page for the Samsung Galaxy X model number SM-G888N0 has become live in South Korea that clearly shows the phone is not far from its announcement. The site doesn’t seem to offer any details apart from its model number “SM-G888N0”.

support-page-glaxy x
Support Page – Samsung Galaxy X

We anticipate to see a foldable display sooner than expected. As it will be a device based on a completely new concept having no comparison with the existing smartphones. It will set new standards for its competitors to meet with.

Apparently Samsung aims to counter the hype created by Apple’s iPhone X with its state of the art features. We know Samsung is always the winner in the bezelless display arena and the addition of folding display will certainly help it to strengthen its position in the field.

Remember, Samsung Galaxy S8 was announced several months before the iPhone X having more screen to body ratio than the Apple’s new bezel-less device.

Let us wait and see when Galaxy X becomes reality…