If you’ve been planning to replace your existing smartphone with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or any of the latest models of Galaxy J series, beware that Samsung increases pricing of its products in Pakistan following the recent fall of Pakistani Rupee against US Dollar.

Samsung Increases Pricing 

The price changes are pretty significant ranging from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 10,000 on different Galaxy models. For instance, the company’s recent flagship, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now has a price tag of Rs. 139,999 (Rs. 10,000 up from the previous price of Rs. 129,999).

Similarly, pricing of Galaxy J series has also been revised:

Model Existing Price New Price Difference
Galaxy J4 Rs. 18,499 Rs. 19,999 +1500
Galaxy J4+ Rs. 23,499 Rs. 24,999 +1500
Galaxy J6 Rs. 25,999 Rs. 27,999 +2000
Galaxy J6+ Rs. 29,499 Rs. 31,499 +2000

Other Brands to Follow Samsung?

Be noted that Samsung is the first brand to go for a price hike for its flagship and midrange products after the Pak Rupee’s latest fall against the US Dollar. However, there’s no words on whether Chines brands like Huawei and Xiaomi plan on increasing the prices for now. Meanwhile, a local report suggests that Honor (sub-brand of Huawei) has no plans to increase pricing of its lineup.

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The smartphone industry is not the only one that gets affected due to fluctuations in exchange rate of PKR but the automotive sector has also announced major price changes. That’s because the companies have no choice but to import components from overseas due to very less localization and availability inland.

when the exchange rate gets higher, the cost per unit increases, due to which the total price needs to be adjusted to balance out the profit margin of the manufacturer.

We expect a positive change in economic situation of the country very soon as the Prime Minister is eager to follow his 100 Days Plan with zeal and zest. Once the Rupee gains balance in exchange rate, the prices are likely to be reduced.