Samsung Pakistan – a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics in Pakistan, has surprisingly announced a major price cut for three of their popular flagship devices, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy S9 Plus. You can enjoy an exclusive discount of up to Rs. 10,000 for your favourite Galaxy devices.

Samsung Pakistan rarely launches official sales of smartphones in the country as most of the promotions are run through third party retailers in the open market. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy the new price cut, you’ll have to buy your favourite handset directly from the company outlets.

And believe me, this is the right time to have a Galaxy in your hands if you were planning ever to buy one of the aforementioned Samsung flagship devices. Be noted that the price reduction is a limited time offer that will expire soon.

As for the specifications, the Galaxy S8 Plus that became official last year offers a premium glass build with trimmed, narrow bezels but no dual camera. For that reasons, you might have to opt for the Galaxy Note 8 that brings the same internal specifications as the S8 Plus adding a dual camera setup on the rear.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S9 Plus is the newest entrant in the Galaxy lineup that comes with a unique dual-aperture camera setup. The aperture size can easily be changes between the two presets adjusting light based on the scene.


The price changes are tabulated below:

Samsung Device Old Price New Price Discount
Galaxy S8 Plus Rs. 89,999 Rs. 84,999 Rs. 5,000
Galaxy Note 8 Rs. 99,999 Rs. 89,999 Rs. 10,000
Galaxy S9 Plus Rs. 121,999 Rs. 111,999 Rs. 10,000