Samsung, the largest player in Android market, is seriously considering about bringing back Galaxy Note 7 for you; not surely the new one but in refurbished state. Ultimately a better idea to get rid of stockpile of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 instead of recycling!

It hasn’t been declared which markets will host these phones, but confirms they will be sold as “refurbished phones or rental phones”, after consulting with local regulatory bodies and analyzing local demand.

The move is backed by the environmental organization Greenpeace, which lauded the decision since it has potentially averted an environmental calamity. Samsung’s handling of 4.3 million of Note 7s had been a point of contention since the announcement of discontinuation.

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Samsung also plans to use the existing Note 7 phone’s parts on future phones, but that plan is yet to be detailed. Over the next few days, an OTA update will kill the ability of unrepaired phones to charge altogether.

That said, the Note 7 itself might find it difficult to break into major markets, after being banned from almost every network and service.

Samsung did ultimately manage to find the real cause that cost it $5.5 billion – two manufacturing problems in the battery – so it’s unlikely such a thing would happen again.

The timing of this news couldn’t have been stranger for Samsung though, which is planning to launch the Galaxy S8 flagship today.