Samsung has announced a decrease in Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus pricing in Pakistan. This has been revealed through a Facebook post published on official page of Samsung Pakistan.

We have witnessed this surprising move by the South Korean tech leader within a month of the official launch of its latest flagship series in the country. The S10 models had created waves in the market partly because of their specs, and mostly due to their pricing.

Reduced Pricing of Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Just comparing new and old pricing of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB) in Pakistan, we come to know that price tags have been reduced from Rs. 164,999 to 139,999 and Rs. 179,999 to 159,999 respectively.

While Galaxy S10 series did fail to grab customers’ attention in Pakistan mainly due to the high price factor, the recent move seems to attract a segment of Samsung fans. Meanwhile, Huawei P30 has also been a probable reason that forced Samsung to reduce its profit margin since all P30 series phones have been priced lower than the Galaxy S10 series.

However, if you have already purchased one of the Galaxy S10 devices, it’s been unfortunate for you because there is no way of getting your extra money back. It is a bit of a setback for the loyal customers who laid their hands on the all-new premium devices immediately after the launch as they had to pay extra cash for the smartphones.