Samsung is all set to bring its new venture and it’s only a matter of six weeks from now when we’ll see the upcoming Note by Samsung, most probably Galaxy Note 9, with all its improved features and design. Not to mention ythat the Note series brings top-end devices by the South Korean tech giant with gigantic AMOLED displays, a built-in stylus and the latest hardware.

As the launch date of Galaxy Note 9 is getting nearer, more rumors and reports being surfaced on tech blogs highlighting main features of the device. The latest one comes from a Twitter handle that reveals something like a heavy duty power source.

The short tweet describes its findings that the Galaxy Note 9 would be fuelled by a massive 4,000 mAh battery unit – a significant upgrade over the predecessor Galaxy Note 8 that had a 3,300 mAh battery instead.

Apart from the heavy duty battery unit, the Note 9 is also rumoured to bring upgraded cameras, a more powerful chipset and a new position for the fingerprint scanner. However, the upcoming device would look like its predecessor in design features and externals.

Compared with the predecessor, the Note 9 is rumoured to bring a larger 6.4-inch display on the front. It is also said that the Note 9 will surface in two variants differing in chipsets – the first getting powered up by Snapdragon 845 while the other one to embed an Exynos 9810 under the hood.

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