Samsung, the South Korean tech leader, seems to be under pressure while its competitors like Apple and some Chinese manufacturers are moving ahead with a number of innovative design and specs changes. Samsung certainly needs to take bold decisions in order to maintain its dominance in the smartphone industry. With the poor sales record of the Galaxy S9, it becomes more significant.

We’ve come across a report shared by PhoneArena quoting South Korean media reports that reveals something new and extraordinary is going to happen at Samsung. Will it be the launch of long-awaited foldable smartphone? The report say ‘yes’.

Galaxy X to Become Reality

Lee Jae-Yong, Samsung’s Vice Chair, known as the core decision maker at the South Korean tech leader was released from prison earlier this year and is expected to make some bold decisions. While visiting Chinese market, Mr. Lee has closely watched the innovative concepts introduced by Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi. As a result, he has ordered a last-minute change in design of Galaxy Note 9.

A foldable phone is the last chance for Samsung to regain market dominance and compete with Apple in big markets like China, as The Bell states:

The popularity of foldable smartphones has not yet been proven, but now it is considered the only alternative to rebuilding the market dominance. Samsung Electronics is taking the risks and taking the lead in the market. It’s the biggest watch point.

Meanwhile, the South Korean media reports reveal that Samsung is looking towards the foldable Galaxy X (or whatever name it gets) as the major game-changer in the smartphone industry early next year. The report further adds that Mr. Lee has the complete authority and strategic thinking to make such bold and long-term decisions.

The report says that Samsung has pulled the Galaxy X release date as early as it can possibly deliver a finished product with some value-added software and hardware changes as a surprise for Apple and Chinese brands.

While a number of rumors previously refuted the launch of Galaxy X somewhere in early 2019, the industry insiders predict to see the world’s first foldable handset in January next year, after the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas.

however, as there is no official announcement made by Samsung as yet to release the first foldable phone early next year, we’ll have to wait untill Samsung responds to these media reports. Meanwhile, keep visiting these pages to follow the story.