It is great to hear that foldable smartphones might be hitting the markets much sooner than we expect as Samsung has hinted towards its maiden foldable venture to get unfold next month. The market experts predict Samsung officially unveiling the Galaxy X foldable phone – as early as November 7th at its upcoming Developer Conference.

Although, there is no official announcement by the South Korean tech giant as of yet but Samsung has teased its foldable phone in a recent tweet telling people about when the Developer Conference will begin.

As you can see, the video hints towards the phone’s design (most probably the Samsung Galaxy X) by showing two lines that first open up to look something like an opened laptop, and then become a straight line after converging together.

However, keep in mind that it is not the first time when Samsung, or any other developer, has teased a product in such a subtle manner.

Galaxy X Foldable Phone

Earlier, DJ Koh, Samsung’s CEO, revealed in a press talk that his company would launch a phone in November this year. However, Samsung clarified later that the phone won’t actually get a market launch, but rather a smaller announcement where Samsung will give out some details on how Galaxy X (or whatever it gets called) actually works.

If you are following these pages, you must be knowing that Huawei – the leading Chinese brand, is also working on its own foldable phone. If Samsung unveils the Galaxy X foldable phone before Huawei next month, the Chinese giant might have to work on design changes and might need to make its launch happen earlier.

Be with us and wait for the Developer Conference to know what surprises are actually waiting for us next month.