We have seen smartphones evolving at lightning speed over the years; from big lips to bezelless displays and from ‘swipe to unlock’ feature to ‘fingerprint sensor’ and ‘face recognition’.

Although there is no worth mentioning improvement in battery manufacturing but there is a lot in battery charging; as 5 hours of charging time has been wrapped into 30 minutes.

But would you believe me if I say batteries are around the corner that would last for a week or even a month? Certainly no, but this is going to happen very soon. You may not be surprised to know that none other than Samsung is working to make this happen.

It shouldn’t be ruled out that the new development must have had strong link with disastrous Note 7 fiasco that had virtually dishonoured the Korean giant a year ago. Samsung had to halt the production and recall nearly 2.5 million devices from customers for replacing them.

Samsung Evolving Smartphone Battery

The idea of a battery juice that lasts for at least a week is unbelievable but reports emerged from Samsung suggest that the South Korean tech giant is really working on a technology that will increases the battery capacity by 45% with 5 times faster charging technology – reducing from an hour to 12 minutes for a full battery recharge.

Reportedly, Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology has developed ‘Graphene’ balls to introduce into lithium-ion battery that can help charge the mobile battery 5x times faster than existing ones. Interestingly, this technology can be used in electric vehicles and can survive heat up to 60 degrees Celsius.

As we know Lithium Ion batteries have been powering consumer electronics devices for the longest time. One of the major concern regarding these batteries is that they are volatile. The recent example of that incident will be the while Galaxy Note 7 fiasco which happened owing to battery combustion.

Samsung has made this effort to replace the old Lithium-ion batteries that usually take an hour to charge while the new Li-ion battery with Graphene balls will charge your phone in 12 minutes.

Samsung Battery Test Facility

What is Graphene?

You must be thinking what Graphene ball is. Let me explain in plain language, the Graphene material is composed of an ultra-thin layer of carbon that is just one atom thick and two hundred times stronger than steel.

The South Korean Company is working on new battery by synthesizing a Graphene ball using silica and then to use the synthetic material for the anode and cathode of lithium-ion batteries that resulted in pacing up the charging speed by 45 percent.

This is not the only achievement for Samsung, the company has further confirmed that with the help of Graphene balls the temperature can be kept below 60 degrees that will prevent the battery from overheating.

Production and Availability

However, there is no confirmation whether this battery will go into mass production or not since Samsung has already made mind for featuring solid-state batteries in its smartphones in 2019 — an effort to address safety concerns over Lithium-ion batteries.

Whether, Samsung will overcome the challenge of commercializing this battery in the next 24 months or not time will tell. However, one thing is definite that Samsung is taking extreme measures for manufacturing and choice of a battery for its devices…

If the Graphene ball technology makes its way to mainstream consumer devices, it will definitely be a step forward in making smartphones smarter and safer.

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