Smartphones have not only become the essential part of our daily life but for some others a ‘status symbol’ as well. People usually interact with each other through social media apps instead of conventional texting. The low battery capacity of our smartphone may become headache for us while using apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and of course WhatsApp.

What to do to overcome this petty issue? The answer would be either use two separate devices; one for social media and the other for conventional calls and texts or use a Power Bank. The second option sounds good, isn’t it? Especially when you travel remote areas where availability of electricity could be another problem.

How to Select Accurate Power Bank

Then comes the phase of selection because most people don’t know how to select accurate power bank for their device. As we learned from the Galaxy Note 7 episode that even the best of batteries can explode; in addition to that, there’s a rumour that power banks can hurt your phone’s battery.

The statement is partially true as a substandard power bank can shorten the life of your device significantly. So how exactly should you choose the best power bank? Let me share some basic points assisting you to select the best one from the market which is already overflown with different brands and power capacity power banks.

  • First of all, establish your requirement and the check the exact size of battery of your smart device (easily available on the internet if you don’t have the box).
  • Try to buy a power bank that is at least equal to the size of your device’s battery.
  • If you are an aggressive user and the battery runs out more than once in a day, you go for a power bank that is twice or even thrice the size of your device’s battery.
  • It is important to note that a 10,000 mAh power bank will only provide around 6500-7500 mAh in actual.
  • If you carry more than one devices, choose a power bank with multiple ports.
  • Always look for the auto-cut and power-cut features in the portable charger as these will stop your device from being affected by a short circuit or getting overcharged.
  • While a PKR 1000 power bank would appeal to you price-wise, it is always safe to go for a branded device.

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Image source: SR Mart Online