Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter in facilitating our daily life right from waking with a buzz sound till going to bed while chatting with others. What else can these gadgets do for us? No one really knows the limit. But a South Korean tech company has come up with an element that is arguably the world’s first micro-sized thermometer sensor module for smartphones.

According to details shared by Korean Herald, the module can measure a person’s body temperature in just half a second; off course using a connected application. It is true that many of the gadgets surfaced with claims like this but their story met an end without writing a word. Let us see how the new temperature sensing module will perform!

How does it work?

The new device uses an integrated micro-electro-mechanical system, named as i-MEMS that can record temperature of human body or any other object ranging from minus 40 to 200 degrees Celsius. However, it is not clear at the moment if the device could measure temperature of animals or not. We anticipate that it could do so because the body temperature of animals falls within the same range.

In order to measure temperature, the sensor is attached to the internal of the smartphone and comes out through a module on the back cover. The entire setup is implemented in such a way that the smartphone’s working temperature doesn’t interfere with the measurements taken.

It is also interesting to note that users don’t really need to come in contact with the sensor in order to get temperature reading. The technology seems helpful in reducing the risk of infection that is obvious in case of mercury or other digital thermometers.


The report does not indicate as when the new technology will make its way into smartphones but we expect its maiden exposure to the coming flagship devices next year; most probably the upcoming Galaxy series by South Korean manufacturer – Samsung.

Once it gets integrated with high-end phones, the technology will surely be adopted by the mid-range as well as budget models, getting in reach of everyone.