SMS Backup & Restore App

Text message, commonly known as SMS, has been the oldest means of conveying one’s thoughts to the others while using mobile phones. In earlier days, it was not possible to store a large number of SMS but now, with the advent of smartphones, it is possible to store text messages not only on the device but also in a safer place.

It becomes really annoying when you delete an important text message mistakenly and later on you don’t have anything but to feel sorry what happened to you. Need not to worry as when you read today’s article, you’ll come to know how to never lose a text message on an Android smartphone at least.

First Step

Maybe you’ve learned your lesson or maybe you haven’t. I would suggest that if you want to avoid the panic of losing your messages and using a PC to recover them, the best thing to do is to back up your SMS regularly. The good news is, doing so only takes few minutes.

SMS Backup & Restore App

I personally use an Android app “SMS Backup & Restore” to regularly backup my SMS and recover them at anytime and anywhere. Have a try and let me know if I was right to suggest such a useful app to you…

Steps to Follow

Follow the steps listed below and check out the screenshots for an easy walk through (click images to enlarge):

  • Download and install the SMS Backup & Restore app on your Android device.
  • Open the app and tap Backup.
  • Choose what exactly you want to create a backup of, then tap Local Backup and Upload if you want to send your backup to Google Drive, Dropbox or an email address.
  • Make your selection and tap OK.
  • To restore your backed up SMS, tap Restore button on the Home Screen of the app.
  • You just tap the backup name in the list to restore on the Restore Backup page (if it is stored locally).
  • If your backup is stored in the cloud, tap the overflow menu (three dots) at the top right, the Load from and select whichever cloud service it’s stored on.
  • There are a number of more options in the app including Scheduled Backup and Password Protection. You can find these by tapping the overflow menu icon on the top right of the Home Screen, then hit Preferences.


Let me know your experience with the app by posting your views in the Comment Box below.