Sony is supposedly planning to launch new smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2018; that is not too far from now. This has been hinted from the new teaser video shared on Xperia Mobile’s official twitter handle. The hashtag #SonyMWC along with the date of the event being February 26th says it all.


Although the video is not clear enough to guess the name of the upcoming project but we are quite sure that another member of the Xperia lineup is around the corner. The upcoming device seems to have a curved display or a curved back cover; at least the short clip reveals the same.

The video clip shows a ray of cascades falling onto a hand in a curved manner, thereby pointing toward some sort of curvature in the design. It means that we are not too far from the curved display from Sony; especially after getting a taste of the concept in Samsung Galaxy S8.

Leading tech blogs have been seen trying to decrypt the video and many of them pointing towards the sequel to the Xperia XZ Premium – most probably the XZ Premium 2. The logic behind the prediction being the XZ Premium that debuted during MWC last year.

The XZ Premium 2 is likely to have a 4K 5.7-inch display boasting 4K or QHD resolution with fewer bezels and most probably be powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset along with 6 GB of RAM. Additionally, a dual camera setup having a resolution of 12 MP is likely to boast the upcoming device.

As there is nothing confirmed by now but we’ll update you soon as Sony officially unveils the next big gun on February 26th. Stay tuned.