Google has already introduced the Android 8.0 Oreo to their Pixel and Nexus devices letting other manufacturers to upgrade their devices to the latest OS. We have seen all the major players including Samsung being reluctant in rolling out the Oreo update to their high end devices, more accurately Samsung delayed the whole process till January 2018.

Sony Committed to Advanced Technology

On the other hand, it is Sony that showed its commitment to the latest technology and became the first manufacturer to release Android Oreo for its flagship device Sony Xperia XZ Premium after Pixel and Nexus devices. Although Sony promised with their customers to roll out the Oreo update by December this year but it did marvelous job in releasing the update more than a month before the promised date.


It is interesting to consider that Google has not yet released an Oreo update for the Android One devices like Xiaomi Mi A1 and others. Not to mention that the Android One is a Google’s project and the One devices run on pure Android and get direct updates from Google. Technically speaking these devices must get updates as fast as Nexus and Pixel devices do but they are waiting for the Android Oreo update till now.

New Features of Oreo Update

The new update for the Xperia XZ Premium brings a lot of new features including the 3D creator that lets users to scan their face head, foot or any object rendering a 3D avatar of it. The Predictive Capture is another interesting feature of the Android Oreo that enables camera to start capturing the photos as soon as a smile is detected, later on you can choose the best ‘smiling picture’.

Sony Xperia XZ users must be excited in getting the Oreo update so early. Share your experience in the comment box below.