How to Speed Up your Android Smartphone

You are using a latest Android smartphone and yet are annoyed of its slow speed and low performance. Wait, wait, wait! Let me tell you some basic tricks how to speed up your Android smartphone before considering a replacement. Believe me you can get back the optimum speed and ultimate performance once again.

First of all keep in mind that a considerable amount of your smartphone’s memory is occupied by the apps and cache when you are using your Android smartphone. On the other hands, infected apps, insufficient storage, older hardware, outdated operating system and many more factors are involved in slowing down your smartphone.

With a few tweaks and changes, you would be able to breathe a new life in your smartphone restoring its speed and performance. Let’s take a look at few of the popular methods.

Update your Android

If you have not updated your smartphone, update it to the latest version of operating system as soon as possible.

Remove Unwanted Apps

As told earlier, every app on your smartphone takes space and runs some background processes. Do not install unwanted apps and keep only those you need. If you no longer need a mobile application uninstall or disable it.

Clean Out cache

If you do not want to uninstall an app, clean its cache for removing the temporary data, these apps have stored over the period. Usually, there is nothing bad about this data but with months and years, these caches can become bloated and slow down your device.

Update Apps

Developers fix bugs and add features in newly released versions of applications, so regularly update your phone’s installed apps. Updated app perform better and will less likely crash your phone.

Use high-speed memory card

Phones with low internal storage can get a boost from high-speed memory cards available between 2GB to 64GB worth of storage space. It does not only add space but speed up operations.

Stop Syncing

Synchronization enables you to get notifications whenever new mail comes in, or you get new notifications or updates for apps. To do this, it refreshes your handset at every pre-set interval, checks your mail every 5 minutes for a new message, and this will kill your mobile performance generally. Keep your sync off for unrequired services.

Turn off animations and live wallpaper

You might be loving Android’s live wallpapers, but these are bad for your smartphone performance as they need more CPU cycles to run, draining more battery. Also turn off the animations fading out and in your phone screen as you switch from one task to another. With animations turned off, you would probably notice your phone performing faster.

Use Task Manager or Task Killer

Download any free Task Manager or Task Killer from Google Play. Some of the recommended are Advanced Task Killer and Super Task Killer Free. These will kill your background processes and other apps you do not need or do not use.

Some other apps that can genuinely boost your smartphone performance include DU Speed Booster for file cleaning, Greenify and Assistant for Android.

A factory reset

The most efficient way to speed up your phone is to erase everything and start again, but it should be your last option. With a reset, everything on your device will disappear, so make sure you have backed up all your important data.


If you follow the above listed tips in the same order, I am sure you can get your speed back in a few moments. Enjoy extreme performance of your Android smartphone.

Let me know any other trick, missing from my list, that you use on your smartphone. Use Comment Box below or Click Here.