If you were fan of Windows-based smartphones ever, this could be disappointing to know that the start of the end of Windows phones has begun. Yes, we are right to say ‘the start of the end’ as Microsoft has officially announced to stop the support services for Windows phones running on Windows 8.1 OS.

AdDuplex, Cross-promotion network for windows store apps and games, estimates that nearly 80 percent of all Windows-powered phones are running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 OS. It means the huge proportion of Windows phones are now officially unsupported.

Moreover, only 20 percent of all Windows phones are running the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS. Although Microsoft still supports Windows 10 Mobile OS but it’s not clear what that support will include in the future. Microsoft barely included any feature updates in the recent Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update. However, in its PC version Microsoft had added numerous features with more to come.

It’s the Era of Android and iOS

Now ending Windows phones support means that there are now only two mobile operating systems; Android and iOS. According to a report from Gartner, 99.6 percent of all new smartphones now run Android or iOS. As a result, Microsoft has given up producing its own Lumia-branded hardware.

Microsoft last CEO Steve Ballmer tried hard to push Windows Phone to compete with Android and iOS. Ballmer was so confident in his plans that he led Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s Devices and Services division in 2013 so that Microsoft could make and sell its own Windows Phones.

Then New CEO Satya Nadella took his place in February 2014. But Nadella was not clearly think that competing with Google and Apple directly in the smartphone space was the right strategy. Over the next couple of years Microsoft shut down or sold off almost all of the assets that it had bought from Nokia under Ballmer’s direction.

Problem Area

The biggest problem that Microsoft had to face was that many big app developers have not developed windows version of their big hits. Just like Google has not revealed window version for many apps, resulting unavailability of many apps for window phones.

Secondly, window was never be a big threat to both operating system i.e Android and iOS. For all those who think that there is a place for a third smartphone OS in the current market, Microsoft is a best example for them.