If you live in Pakistan, you’ll be certainly familiar with a “Chand Gari” – Three Wheeler Qingqi Rickshaw running on roads as a part of public transportation means. Unfortunately this three-wheeler has become a headache not only for general public but for traffic controlling authorities as well. Majority of drivers are under age moreover a large number of vehicles have also not been registered.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan, as reported by various media outlets, has passed the order to ban Qingqi Rickshaw running illegally on the roads. The court has already passed the same kind of order for Karachi and we see a complete ban on Qingqi Rickshaw since then.

There would be an exception for those rickshaws which are running as per approved standards of relevant authorities of the government, the order reveals.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed who is heading the two-member bench while hearing the case observed the hazards caused by unapproved and substandard rickshaws. The honorable justice in his remarks said “Buses from the 1950s are still operational in Karachi, and noisy Qingqi rickshaws are running all over the country. These rickshaws are dangerous and often flip over while manoeuvring sharp turns.”

The court also observed that government was busy launching new kinds of transports such as Metro Bus System, Orange Line etc. but no attention was being paid to fix the old prevailing system of transportation.

Although Metro Bus system is being replicated in other parts of the country after Punjab government took the initiative in Lahore, public transport is still in a very fragile state even in the metropolitan cities. The vehicles are rarely maintained, unavailable on the routes and drivers are commonly seen violating the traffic rules openly.