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It seems very ugly when you come to know that you have paid more for the same service or item than you now have come to know; an offer at reduced price. A startup, Peekaboo Guru, has brought the solution for you. Peekaboo Guru introduces an innovative way to reach the customers at the right […]

Pakistan Railways have taken a step forward to facilitate their passengers by introducing an Android App to book train tickets online for all 48 trains running on main lines. Now you’ll have not to stand in queues for hours to confirm your reservation on Pakistan Railways. The Directorate of Information Technology has designed an application […]

With the successful story of car hailing services – Uber and Careem, an online bike hailing service in Karachi has been introduced. It is named Bykea. It is an on demand ride-hailing and parcel delivery service that exclusively focus on the use of motorbikes. We have already told you about another parcel delivery service Couch […]

As the thrilling competitions of Pakistan Super League (PSL) are in full swing at the UAE, Jazz has brought Android app for the cricket lovers – Jazz Cricket. The new app offers next generation cricket coverage over a digital platform through a very user friendly interface, which offers multiple features. Jazz Cricket Jazz Cricket will […]

With the introduction of 3G/4G high speed internet bands in Pakistan, more opportunities are there for the entrepreneurs to explore more and more fields on-the-go. To capitalize on this opportunity, Tapmad TV was launched earlier last month. There are more than 36.41 million active users of 3G and 4G spectrum in the country. Tapmad TV […]

With the expansion of faster internet and smartphone availability, new and unique services are emerging to facilitate public in travelling and doing their routine jobs. Like Uber and Careem, a new delivery service “Couch Potato” has been launched in Karachi and Islamabad. They claim to have become Pakistan’s first delivery app in the shared economy/ […]

With the popularity of smartphones and widespread of high speed internet, Social Media has become a vital part of one’s life; some way or the other. If you are one of those guys who like to keep your work and personal life separate, you might be looking for some means to use multiple accounts of […]

Reading newspaper is a healthy activity, especially early in the morning. It is an easy way to go around the world and know important events and news according to your taste. With the advancement of technology, newspapers getting revolutionizes in a way that now can read, listen and watch newspaper. If you think that I […]

PC Suite software are developed by the mobile phone manufacturers to connect handsets with PC and manage phone direct from larger scree. There is an issue with PC suit that if you change your handset with any other brand, the PC Suite becomes useless, because you’ll have to install the other one. Today I am […]

We are living in the technology-oriented era where something new pops up every day that not only attracts the elders but the minors as well. One of the most prominent examples is the extensive use of smartphones. The younger and the minor generations use smartphones just for fun. There was a time when kids used to […]