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Google Maps is one of the most widely used apps developed by the search engine. Google continuously adds useful features to its apps and Google Maps is not an exception at all. Earlier update enabled you to remember your parking location on Google Map whereas this new update of Google Maps brings videos accompanied by […]

The Election Commission of Pakistan is trying hard to facilitate voters in the next general elections planned to be held in 2018. The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza chaired a meeting in Islamabad to prepare the body for the next year’s challenge. The meeting decided to improve transparency in next year’s elections […]

Google is always there to launch innovative apps and features facilitating the masses. One of the widely used app – Google Maps has been helping users with an automatic parking detection feature in the past. The app has now rolled out yet another update making the whole phenomenon simpler and more convenient. Thanks to Parking […]

The Google Maps, the largest mapping service on the planet, have recently incorporated their maps with live updation of Uber taxi service. Now Google has come up with yet another helpful service for vehicle owners. The new cool feature of Google Maps helps you locate exactly where you have parked your car. This way you […]