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As people’s living standards continue to improve, they travel more frequently outside of their own country. It is becoming more important for them to choose a smart phone with worldwide roaming function. Wireless spectrum is widely used in telecommunication, satellite and military fields. But the bands assigned for telecommunications vary among different countries. As a […]

Huawei, the leading telecommunications company is known to emphasize on customer satisfaction in all aspects, especially in the area of Safety and Security. Huawei believes in putting user-safety at the forefront of all operations. Therefore, Huawei makes sure that no product with even a remote chance of becoming a health hazard is ever let close […]

Huawei is no more an odd name for Pakistani customers as the company has brought an unending line-up of smartphones in the country; ranging from entry level to the premium ones. The Chinese brand has successfully competed the Korean tech giant Samsung in the last couple of years. Huawei Pakistan has announced a noticeable cut […]