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Oppo, the Chinese brand known for its Camera Specific Smartphones, is one of the fastest growing brands in Pakistan. The latest market reports revealed that Oppo has now become the second best-selling smartphone brand in Pakistan. The company gained trust of Pakistani customers due to the innovative smartphone designing and rich camera features. Oppo – […]

When you think of purchasing a new smartphone, your mind gets grilled by a number of questions once you enter the market. You come across the high tech devices with higher price tags and mid-range devices with reasonable cost. Keep in mind that not every manufacturer builds a smartphone for every category. For instance, Samsung […]

Oppo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, sparkled around the globe in 2016 with the introduction of smartphones having unique features and advanced technology in affordable price range. The company has unveiled yet another mid-range smartphone – Oppo A37 with dual-SIM and 4G LTE support. Overview The unique features of the newbie are the 4G LTE support […]