You got your iPhone X; that’s really great but we advise you to take care of the most expensive smartphone ever on the planet so far. We are right to say because Apple updated its website with non-warranty service pricing for its latest and the greatest venture – iPhone X.

Do you know Shattering the X’s screen will cost you $279? While other damages to the iPhone that need repairing will cost an eye-watering $549. Simply over half the price of the new phone’s base model!

The iPhone X’s service prices are significantly higher than those of other iPhone models, because of the same three rules:

  • If the iPhone screen needs replacing due to “accidental damage or mishandling”.
  • If the screen breaks due to an accident or mishandling and the device is only covered by Apple’s one-year limited warranty.
  • If the screen breaks and is not covered in any way, including original warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+.


Remember, the AppleCare+ coverage encircles accidental damage to the screen and other parts of the phone. This service also includes coverage for two accidental damage incidents of fixing the screen or other parts of the handset. These come with service fees – a screen repair costs $29 and other damage repairs cost $99 under the extended warranty. But paying an extra amount of $199 will add two more years of protection to the original one-year limited warranty.

We know that the OLED screen used in iPhone X is supplied by Samsung therefore the drastic increase in repair shouldn’t be taken as a surprise. Moreover, the screens are likely be supplied in limited quantity because the production complexities drive the price even higher.

iPhone Repairing Charges

iPhone Model Screen Repair Other Repairs
iPhone X $279 $549
iPhone 8 Plus $169 $399
iPhone 8 $149 $349
iPhone 7 Plus $169 $349
iPhone 7 $149 $319
iPhone 6s Plus $169 $329
iPhone 6s $149 $299