With the introduction of 3G/4G high speed internet bands in Pakistan, more opportunities are there for the entrepreneurs to explore more and more fields on-the-go. To capitalize on this opportunity, Tapmad TV was launched earlier last month.

There are more than 36.41 million active users of 3G and 4G spectrum in the country. Tapmad TV is an attempt by Pakistani developers to serve a great purpose for those who don’t have much time to sit in their lounge and watch TV. The users carry their TV set right in their smartphone!

The app Tapmad TV is just like online cinema – faster, more reliable and affordable. Pay as you go – no setup costs. Watch high quality live streaming – 150+ live HQ channels – the right place to choose from 1000s of dramas, movies, music and much more – anywhere, anytime, on any network!

What is Tapmad TV?

Tapmad TV is a smartphone app that offers Android and iOS users the ability to watch television in the palm of their hands. The desktop version enables you to watch full of fun and information channels, dramas, movies right on your PC or laptop. The users can not only watch live streaming but can also record and download content for future viewing. All this is done with a catchy feature “Catch Up”.

The Tapmad TV app has 140 live TV channels, including all local news channels as well as international broadcasters such as BBC World News, CNN and National Geographic etc.

While briefing the audience about the concept behind the app, Yassir Pasha, Founder and CEO of Tapmad TV stated that 2017 will be the year of mobile entertainment in Pakistan.

“With more than 1 million minutes of data being consumed on our app in the past three months’, I expect Tapmad TV to lead this change,” he added.

Mr. Pasha also proudly announced that the entire team of Tapmad TV, including the developers were wholly and solely Pakistanis and stated, “The app is by Pakistanis, for Pakistanis”.

  • Watch live on your PC/Laptop
  • Use your username & password to create a FREE account!
  • Watch live TV on up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • Listen to your favorite online TV and radio stations
  • Watch your favorite local and international TV channels
  • Watch movies, dramas, music videos and more with VOD features

Take your TV with you!

You can visit their official webpage to enjoy live streaming on your laptop or download for free from the App Store  or Google Play for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

If you want to enjoy HD quality of the app, you’ll have to subscribe for their premium feature at nominal charges of Rs. 250 per month. 

Please be noted that the Tapmad TV service is accessible in Pakistan only.