Our generation has experienced several technological advancements that may be difficult to imagine in the early days. From sending a man to the moon to cars driving themselves and a mobile phone having a personal assistant, one wonders what will be the next big thing in the future.

Rumors are going around that the smartphone brand TECNO is all set to release another smartphone from its Camon series which we hear will be showcased sometime in May.

The device will debut with an ultramodern “blink and snap”. This will make the process of capturing pictures easy, and on the other hand, other elements such as focus speed, the user-friendliness of the camera, the comfort and ease of capturing photos are also important.

With the “blink and snap” technology on the TECNO device, selfie lovers and photography enthusiasts can take selfies and can capture an image just by blinking their eyes.

The device will be available soon in the market, and users will be able to get their hands on the blinking selfie tech in the next few weeks.

We are on standby to experience this device and as soon as we get more information, you can rest assured we will share it with you.