Telenor entered Pakistani market back in 2004 and is known as one of the country’s top network providers offering good mobile connectivity over all the three 2G, 3G and 4G spectrums. The company had over 39.428 million mobile subscribers and over 6000 employees by the fourth quarter of last year.

Telenor Pakistan brings TalkShawk and djuice brands in the market and offers different call packages for prepaid and postpay users. Today we are going to tell you about different Telenor Call Packages over all usage types and pricing cadres, be it hourly, daily, or monthly, On-network or Off-network.

Telenor TalkShawk Call Packages

The following details include Telenor Call packages offered through its TalkShawk tariff. Telenor brings Daily, 3-Days and Weekly bundles under TalkShawk umbrella. Let us look into detail:

Bundle Name Offer Name Charges On-Net Talk Time Off-Net Talk Time Local SMS Internet Validity Activation Key
Daily Talkshawk Good Time Offer Rs. 5.50 Unlimited

200 MB (Facebook) Full Day (except 6pm to 9pm) *345*20#
Talkshawk Full Day Offer Rs. 13.00 Unlimited

60 MB One Day *5*250#
Talkshawk Saat Se Saat Offer Rs. 8.50 Unlimited

Unlimited 20 MB Daily from 7AM-7PM *5*727#
Din Bhar Offer Rs. 10.00 Unlimited

20 MB Daily from 6AM-6PM *345*006#
Talkshawk Superhit Offer Rs. 15.00 Unlimited

Full Day (except 7PM to 10PM) *345*011#
Talkshawk 2 Paisa Daily Rs. 1.20 Rs. 0.02/Sec (incl. Tax)

One Day *020#
24 hr Poora Pakistan Offer Rs. 16.73 75 Minutes

One Day *345*24#
3 Days 3 Day Din Bhar Offer Rs. 24.50 Unlimited

Three Days from 6AM-6PM *345*626#
3 Day Super hit Rs. 34.00 Unlimited

Three Days (except 7PM to 10PM) *345*299#
3 Din Sahulat Offer Rs. 40.00 250 Minutes 25 Minutes 250 50MB, 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook Three Days from 7AM-7PM *5*3#
Weekly Haftawaar Chappar Phaar Offer Rs. 50.00 1200 minutes on weekdays and Unlimited minutes on weekends

70 MB Seven Days Can only be activated through website or My Telenor App
Talkshawk 2 Paisa Weekly Offer Rs. 4.78 Rs. 0.02/Sec (incl. Tax) Rs. 0.02/Sec (incl. Tax)

Seven Days *345*227#
Haftawar Sahulat Offer Rs. 95.00 1000 Minutes 70 Minutes 700 100 MB, 350 MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook Seven Days *5*7#

Telenor djuice Call Packages

These details will include Telenor djuice Call packages and bundles given for daily and 3-Days time spans.

Bundle Name Offer Name Charges On-Net Talk Time Off-Net Talk Time Local SMS Internet Validity Activation Key
Daily Daily Hybrid Bundle Rs. 10.00 50 Minutes

10 MB One Day *345*700#
Prime Time Offer Rs. 5.00 Unlimited
FNF Calls

Daily from 9PM – 9AM *345*929#
djuice Team Offer Rs. 6.00 Unlimited
FNF and djuice Calls

free WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook One Day *345*11#
3 Days 3 Day Onnet Offer Rs. 25.00 250

500 15 MB Three Days *730#

Telenor Postpay Call Packages

Telenor has tailored different packages for on-net and off-net talk time in their Postpay tariff.

Bundle Name Price Minutes Activation Key
On-Net Bundle 100 Rs. 100 200 On-net *345*831#
On-Net Bundle 250 Rs. 250 800 On-net *345*832#
On Net Bundle 550 Rs. 550 2500 On-net *345*833#
Any Network Voice Bundle 50 Rs. 50 + Tax 40 minutes for all networks *345*821#
Any Network Voice Bundle 250 Rs. 250+Tax 200 minutes for all networks *345*822#
Any Network Voice Bundle 550 Rs. 550+Tax 550 minutes for all networks *345*823#