Telenor Pakistan, the Norway-based telecom operators operating in Pakistan since 2004, have come up with the maiden Telenor Self Service Booth option to facilitate their customers to have an access to company’s products and services in a hassle-free way.

The company has always committed to use technology in an efficient way and proven to be at the forefront of innovating its services with cutting-edge technologies. From developing a cloud network of its own to being the first in the country to launch mobile financial services, the company boasts numerous achievements on its profile which span over more than a decade’s time period.

Telenor Self Service Booth

Keeping up with that pace, Telenor Pakistan has launched state-of-the-art machines known as Telenor Self Service booths equipped with bio-metric verification in six major cities including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. With this innovative move, users will be able to get Telenor products and services through secure and convenient means.

Telenor Pakistan says in a press release:

The self-service booths have been introduced conforming to the company’s ambition of being the favorite digital partner for our customers. The company states that the innovation for these self-service booths has come from the banking industry where ATM machines serve such a purpose and can now be considered as a necessity instead of just a value-added service.

With the Telenor Self Service Booths, the customers will no longer have to visit the brick-and-mortar stores and wait in queues to access the company’s products and services. Moreover, as the franchises only operate during office hours, this self-service booth enables users to access Telenor services even after the franchises have closed. Using technology, this platform has enabled them to do in a hassle-less way, saving them precious time and energy.

The Self Service Booths offer versatile services 24 hours a day including the following:

  • Get New Telenor SIM
  • Replace existing Telenor SIM
  • Purchase Easyload
  • Purchase Easy Cards
  • Conduct Transactions through Easypaisa

For the first time in Pakistan, the customers will be empowered to open bank accounts, send and receive money through biometric verification and pay bills etc. just through visiting a self-service booth, whenever they want, and that too, through a secure and reliable channel.

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