The Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) has launched a new short course aimed at helping the youth to learn driving a car or truck for future employment opportunities. Reportedly, TEVTA has included the free driving course teaching people how to drive HTV and LTV vehicles in collaboration with City Traffic Police Lahore.

We have seen ride hailing services like Uber, Careem and ARY SSC getting popular in masses for their easy to avail and convenient features creating more employment opportunities in Pakistan. A good number of youth have already joined the app-based ride sharing services earning good money by driving their own car or that of an investor.

Moreover, the upcoming projects under CPEC would require skilled people who can drive heavy vehicles efficiently to transport goods etc. from one part to another. By teaching people how to master the driving skill, TEVTA is aimed to open a major door of opportunities for people.

The maiden free driving course has been started in three of TEVTA institutes in Lahore, where Authority has announced a scholarship worth Rs. 1000 during the program along with a Driving License that will be issued after successful completion of the program by the candidate.

This course is not gender specific and both men and women can participate to learn how to drive.

Motorcycle and Car Driving Course

The duration of this course is three weeks where students will learn how to drive a car or a motorcycle. The eligibility criteria include 18 years of age and they should know how to read and write.

LTV/HTV Driving Course

This course stretches for a longer period of time where students will learn how to drive LTV or HTV vehicle in two months. The eligibility criteria to apply for this course includes 21 years of age and they should know how to read or write.