Pakistan as a nation and its armed forces as the line of defence are busy in encountering the threat of militancy over the years scarifying thousands of lives. As the war on terror is nearing to its logical end, the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) department of Pakistan Army has launched an Android based game dubbed as The Glorious Resolve highlighting the operations conducted against terrorists in the Northern areas of Pakistan.

The Glorious Resolve – Introduction

The game has been part of the annual Pakistan Day celebrations held on March 23rd this year. According to an official announcement of ISPR, The Glorious Resolve comprises of highly realistic terrain and weaponry. The game allows players to be part of a series of missions consisting of major battles against terrorists.

The name of the game has been borrowed from a 2011 documentary made by ISPR to highlight the resolve of two soldiers who fought bravely in South Waziristan despite being heavily outnumbered.

The missions are designed in a way to reflect the anti-terrorism operations executed by Pakistani armed forces and law enforcement agencies. One such operation referred here is ‘Operation Peochar’ that was launched in 2009. The developers are optimistic to add more operations to the current series of missions making them challenging and interesting ones.

The Glorious Resolve offers players with two roles to choose from an SSG Commando or a Cobra Helicopter Pilot. Selecting any one of them, the players are embarked on a mission to eradicate the terrorists and uproot the menace of terrorism.

The Glorious Resolve – Features

Following are the main features of The Glorious Resolve:

  • Powerful military weapons to choose from including machine guns, sub-machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols.
  • Use smoke grenades and air strikes against militants.
  • Interesting voice commands.
  • Unique 3D maps set in a realistic environment.
  • Earn medals to unlock and upgrade powerful guns.
  • Encounter a variety of threats including gunners, snipers and bazooka enemies

The Glorious Resolve – Download

Android users can download The Glorious Resolve from here whereas the desktop and iOS users will have to wait a bit as ISPR hints to release the game for these versions very soon. Compete against top players and make it to the highest rankings in the online Leader board.

Following are the snapshots of the game highlighting the gameplay of an SSG Commando and a Cobra Pilot: