Samsung’s native messaging app has been reported with a bug after the latest update that causes smartphones to send photos to the contacts stored by users on their devices. This has been a serious issue as one’s privacy is on risk and that too by Samsung – the global leader in smartphones’ market.

According to reports, some Samsung users have come up with complaints that their smartphones have randomly sent photos and scheduled texts to their contacts, without any record of messages and photos being sent. More worriedly, the issue is related to the high-end devices of Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 8.

Many of the complainants noticed the issue once the stock messaging app got an update that could have been triggered by the carrier’s recent RCS (Rich Communication Services) updates. Not to mention that the RCS is supposed to improve the texting experience on Android by adding features like group chat, video, GIF support, and file and location sharing.

An interesting complaint states that the bunch of user’s photo library was sent to a contact in the middle of the night while he was asleep. However, the owner found no evidence of mass photo sharing through Samsung Messages but the recipient has enough for the evidence.

What to Do?

Samsung says in a formal statement that they are aware of the issue and currently working to address it. Meanwhile, it is advised not to update Samsung Messages to the latest version until company reaches to a remedy.

If you have already update the app, go for disabling the app’s ability to access phone’s storage. In this way, you may reach to a temporary solution as the app can’t read your Gallery. Just follow these simple steps:

Settings -> Apps -> Samsung Messages -> Permissions -> Storage


As an alternate you may switch to any other messaging app, the most reliable being the Android Messages by Google.