An interesting incident is reported by Chinese media as a Chinese toddler managed to disable his mom’s iPhone for 47 years. As per details, a 2-year old kid in Shanghai did this when he was left alone at home with a locked iPhone supposedly to watch educational videos.

The kid tried to enter wrong passcodes several times thus disabling the device for 25 million minutes or roughly 47 years. As you know, every time an incorrect passcode is entered, the iPhone would lock up and force you to wait longer each time.

The mother returned home and stunned to see lock screen disabled for 47 years. She visited the Apple store and asked for help in unlocking the device. However, the technician advised her to go for factory reset that may delete the data or wait for 47 years to unlock the device.


She obviously chose the first option as she said:

I couldn’t really wait for 47 years and tell my grandchild it was your father’s mistake.

The technician at the Apple store also said that there had been cases of phones locked for the equivalent of over 80 years by the same method.

Well, this incident is certainly a lesson for parents who hand over their phone to minor kids to play without keeping an eye on them. However, it is advised to have a backup of your iPhone or iCloud or enable regular iTunes backups to avoid any unforeseen in future.