Memory cards are widely being used to enhance storage capacity of mobile phone for long but the SD Association (the group that sets memory card standards) has announced a new format called SD Express that is meant to increase the data transfer speeds to as much as 985MB per second and boost the overall storage capacity of SD cards from 2TB to 128TB.

According to details shared by SD Association, the newly announced SD card will add PCI Express and NVMe interfaces to increase data transfer speeds whereas the SD Ultra Capacity (SDUC) format will be responsible to maximize storage capacity.

If you are a ‘storage conscious’ buddy, get prepared as the solution to store your favourite movies and songs is around the corner. It is speculated that the new SD Express format will allow users to store over 29,000 Full HD movies, 26 million high quality photos or 16 million songs in just one SD card.

That means only one SD card could essentially replace all of your hard drives, though even with the new SD Express speeds, it might take a while to load up terabytes worth of data.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that the 128TB capacity is a theoretical limit. Even 1TB cards are rare whereas the 512GB cards cost hundreds of dollars. So, if you want to get that 128 TB card, get prepared to take out a few mortgages. Be sure that you have enough time as the card is expected to be years away from hitting the market.