Top 5 Android Emulators

Do you like to play Android games on your PC or laptop running on Windows or Mac? No need to peep here and there as we’ll tell you how you can do this. The only thhing you need is an Android emulator.

Before we proceed to the top 5 Android emulators, it is better to define this term for those who have never heard it earlier. According to Wikipedia, an emulator is a hardware or software that enables one computer system (Host) to behave like another computer system (Guest). While Merriam-Webster explains emulator as a program or device that permits programs written for one kind of computer to be used on another kind of computer.

In this way we can easily understand that the Android emulator is a kind of software that enables us to use Android apps/games on our PCs/laptops running on Windows or Mac.

Use of Android Emulators

Here is good news for those who want to use Android apps and games on a larger screen to enjoy full entertainment, Android emulators are the only solution for them.

There are a number of Android emulators available on web transforming your PC to an Android running platform. You can search, download install your favourite Android apps and games on your PC.

Once you install any one of the Android emulators, you are now enabled to search Android apps and install on your PC or laptop and use those apps just like you use them on your Android device. Believe me, you can enjoy your games and apps like News Feeds and Social Network on a larger screen.

Top 5 Android Emulators

As mentioned above, a lot of emulation software are available on the web but we have short-listed the following five for you, we think these are the best available software at the moment. You can easily try any one of these on your PC running on Windows 7,8,10 and Mac.


The first and the most popular name among Android emulators is the Bluestacks, with no doubts at all. The reason behind its popularity is its compatibility with both Windows and Mac OS.

A virtual copy of Android OS apps is created on the host OS (Windows or Mac). It uses a unique technology called “LayerCake” that enables you to run Android apps on your PC without any external Virtual Desktop Application.


Moreover, it is free to download and install, however make sure that you have a decent graphics card installed in your system already to run Bluestacks with its optimum performance.

Click here to download.

Nox App Player

The Nox App Player is considered to be an alternative to Bluestacks due to its functionality and adoptability to Windows and Mac at the same time. Although it is a new entrant but it is getting more popular among the gamers.


The Nox App Player has some unique features developed keeping in mind the requirement of the gamers to control their games using keyboard and mouse. It is comparatively stable and reliable emulator requiring no more additional hardware requirements. And, of course, it is absolutely free of cost. 

Click here to download.


LeapDroid is also a new addition in the line-up and the user response has shown it as an excellent option among Android emulators. It utilizes a virtual machine so that an Android instance is created on your PC.


The LeapDroid is getting popular because of its smoother operation as compared to its competitors in the market. It runs smoothly, boots quickly and scores impressively well on gaming benchmarks. LeapDroid has a fairly active development team. It provides support for over 98% of apps and games.

Click here to download.

MEmu App Player

If you urge to enjoy Android experience on Windows PC, MEmu is advisable for you. It is a product of Microvirt Co. Ltd and is expected to reach greater heights regarding its features and performance.


It supports multiple hardware configurations with no such cause of worry with respect to compatibility issues. It is a nice alternative when thought of gaming and productivity.

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The llast one on today’s list is Droid4X which is quite an interesting alternative to work on. It runs in a similar fashion as MEmu or LeapDroid with round about the same performance and productivity as them.


The Droid4X is under continuous improvement with frequent upgrades and increasing number of add-ons. It runs on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. It runs on the machine as a guest operating system.

Click here to download.

Our Words

We hope our today’s list will be helpful in finding top ranking Android emulators for you. However, as we always make it clear to you at the end of top 5 segments that our list is not the final one as you may add and delete any other alternative at your own.


Let us know your choice and experience with Android emulators.