Top 5 Countries with Fastest Mobile Data Speeds

Every passing day witnesses more and more technological developments as far as smartphones are concerned. The operators are there in a competition to offer more satisfying services to their customers. Mobile data speed is a factor that differentiates the best from the others.

While we hear news about how the upcoming 5G will allow smartphone user to surf Internet at 5Gbps speed as compared to the current 150Mbps in 4G/LTE, researchers from Nokia claim that 1Tbps speed can be achieved using 5G.

Although it depends on the region and geographical location but theoretically 4G LTE is supposed to give 150-300 Mbps download and 50-150 Mbps upload speed. How much data speed do you get on your smartphone? I am sure much lower than the theoretical limits; isn’t it?

According to a statistic put up by 4G, the real world download speeds for 4G are somewhere between 20Mbps to 40Mbps and upload speeds are around 10Mbps to 25Mbps. So which country has the best Internet surfing speeds in the world?

Real World Download Upload Speed

Top 5 Countries with Fastest Mobile Data Speeds

The mobile data speed tracking website, OpenSignal has come up with a report on the state of national mobile networks that give a great insight of actual data speeds available to smartphone users world over.

No.1 – Singapore

Surprisingly Singapore leads the world as far as the mobile data speed is concerned by providing an average data speed of 45.86Mbps to her citizen. The fact that Singapore is small and developed nation plays a big role in this statistic.

No. 2 – South Korea

South Korea is not far behind the leader as the South Koreans can experience 45.77Mbps of average download speed on their smartphones. Moreover South Korea has 95.71% of her territory covered with 4G spectrum – the largest in the world. The standard data bearer in South Korea is LG U+. Its 4G customers were able to see an LTE signal 99% of the time.

No. 3 – Hungary

Hungary is the country providing fastest mobile data speed in the European Union and the number three in the world. People can experience an average download speed of 40.61Mbps on their smartphones operating in Hungary.

No. 4 – Romania

Citizens of Romania are at number four in the world receiving the fastest data speed on their smartphones; it is 35.61Mbps. Orange is the biggest mobile service provider in Romania followed by Digi Mobil, Telekom and Vodafone.

No. 5 – New Zealand

New Zealand stands at number five among the countries with fastest mobile data speeds in the world. People can surf the internet at an average download speed of 34.94Mbps.

4G Speed Comparison – Click the image to enlarge

Where does Pakistan stand?

Most of the viewers will have a question in their mind where does Pakistan stand in this list? Before going to answer doesn’t it seem interesting while not seeing Big Daddy of the world USA and other American countries in this list? For your interest, the USA stands well at the bottom with 13.03Mbps average speed – poor Americans!

We, the smartphone users at Pakistan, are being misled by the cellular companies as we can have only 10.77Mbps average download speed. While India is far behind Pakistan clocking at 6.39Mbps, in fact at number three from the bottom with Saudi Arabia 5.97Mbps and Costa Rica 5.82Mbps at the end of the list.

Remember the above statistics show the average 4G speeds per country and not individual operators’ speeds. It may be noted that a certain service provider may give download speeds in excess of 50Mbps to its subscribers like I am receiving around 10-20Mbps from my service provider.


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