The Holy Quran is the most read and memorized book in the world. Every Muslim recites it in one’s daily life, moreover, it is recited in every prayer – five times a day. As the technology grows and smartphones are in reach of almost every person, the app developers have shown their consent and developed Quranic Apps – the must have for every Muslim.

We have listed top 5 Quranic Apps for Android users. As we always mention that our list is not the last and final, there may be some apps missing in it, we expect from our visitors to send feedback by posting their views in the Comment Box at the end of the article.

quran-1iQuran Lite

iQuran Lite is the most downloaded Islamic app on Play Store. You can recite the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation in different languages (pro version). This app provides you with the full Quran as well as its full English translation along with a full set of audio recitation files.

iQuran Lite offers verse by verse audio playback, color coded Tajweed rules, repeat functions, bookmarks, tags, search, excellent navigational controls, a side by side English translation, audio recitation and much more.

Download iQuran Lite FROM HERE

quran2Quran for Android

Quran for Android is a free Quran application for Android devices. The developers have already offered a number of features while many others are under development. Quran for Android provides the following features:

  • Gapless audio playback
  • Ayah bookmarking, tagging, and sharing
  • Over 15 audio recitations are available with highlighting support
  • Search
  • Night mode
  • Customizable audio repeat
  • Translations in over 20 different languages 

Download Quran for Android FROM HERE

quran-3Islam: The Noble Quran

“Islam: The Noble Quran” is an application that make it possible to read the Holy Quran in Arabic and in different translations. A phonetic transcription is also available in order to help non-Arabic-speaking people to read and learn the Surahs.

Many reciters are also available with different styles of recitation. Moreover, you can define a selection of verses to be repeated, and thus facilitating the memorization process. You can even add favourites and notes.

Download The Noble Quran FROM HERE

quran-4Al Quran MP3 – Quran Reading

Quran Reading is an Android App that comprises the entire Holy Quran with translation, transliteration and audio recitation of each chapter and verse of Quran. The App teaches you how to learn Quran with Tajweed with the help of audio recitation and transliteration of each word of the Holy Quran.

It entails following significant features including:

  • All the 114 Surahs of the Holy Quran within order and proper settings
  • Translation of Quran in almost all languages of the world.
  • Transliteration feature of the Quran makes you able to read and recite the Holy Book with correct pronunciation
  • MP3 Audio can be downloaded for your convenience
  • Search option makes it easier to find specific Surah of Quran or Ayat of Quran
  • Sajda Section to let the reader know about the 14 significant places of when to bow down
  • Bookmark of the Ayah to restore the recitation from where the user has left lastly
  • Change of Font Style and size for user visibility

Download Al Quran MP3 FROM HERE

quran-5Quran Duas (Islam)

Quran Duas is a Collection of more than 185 Beatiful Duas/Supplications from the Holy Quran. These supplications cover almost every moment of the life of a Muslim.

You can change font style for your convenience and search box helps to find dua in a single tap.

The App includes some important Duas from the Holy Quran including dua for Rain, Gratitude, Mercy, Renewal of Faith, Removal of Difficulties, Guidance, Peace in the City, Safety, Wealth and Prosperity and many more.

Download Quran Duas FROM HERE  


This is our listing, you can find even more Quranic and Islamic apps on the Play Store. Let us know what is your favourite one? Use Comment Box or click Contact us.