Top 5 Translation Apps

Language plays the vital role to communicate yourself with the others or vice versa. We come across many words, phrases and sometimes complete articles published in the languages we are not aware of.

So what to do? We seek help from someone who knows those languages. This ‘someone’ could be a friend or maybe internet and in today’s life your smartphone as well. Today we are going to enlist top 5 Translation Apps for Smartphone Users.

google-translateGoogle Translate

Google Translate is the best choice on Play Store and App Store for those who are searching for a translation app having whole bunch of features along with the accuracy. The type and translate function of the app supports as many as 90 major languages of the world.

One of the amazing feature of this app is its capability to translate even a picture that you have taken. If you are at a place that uses a language foreign to you, Google Translate comes at your rescue. The instant camera text translation easily translates warning signs, public transportation schedules, menus and other stuff from a photo taken by you.

The best part is that the size or font of this text does not matter at all. Google Translate has the ability to recognize anything and everything and translate it for your benefit. However, this function is limited just to 26 languages. But, it’s handy and your best companion in a foreign country.

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itranslateiTranslate – Free Translator

iTranslate is perhaps the most accurate translation app on Play Store and App Store. It gives the perfect results when it comes to translate one or two sentences. The app can translate as many as 90 major languages for you.

iTranslate is not only a translation app but it may be used for typing or copying text as well. It offers users a swipe text feature that enables them to copy blocks of text in one go for the purpose of translation. Even more, you can also save texts for later use in the section named ‘favourites’.

The down side of the app is that its voice recognition is not that good. However, it covers this up with an excellent audio function that reads the translations in various dialects.

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translate-voiceTranslate Voice – Translator

If you don’t want to type a phrase to translate then Translate Voice would be your ultimate choice. This app has voice recognition at its best. Just complete the phrase and here you have the translation in your desired language.

The Translate Voice is a patient enough app as it stays there and listens your complete paragraph and then translates it as a whole for you. However, your smartphone too needs to keep up with the app. It should have good voice recognition feature.

The app breaks the communication barrier in meetings where different languages are used. Translate Voice listens to your complex sentences and then plays the translation to another person. The downside of the app is that there are only a handful of usable functions. 

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language-translatorLanguage Translator

Language Translator can be your best companion if you want the instant translation of a word or phrase in a moment. With a simple interface, the work becomes simple and quick. The amazing thing about the app is that it is free of all the complexities and hence, beginners can use it without any hassles.

The app offers two functions of translation that is typing and speaking. Language Translator makes it quick for getting from one language to the other on smartphone too.

The font size and buttons of the app are quite large and have tiny flags besides them for differentiating between different languages. One of the high-rated apps, you need to try it once for its smartness. 

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pons-vocabulary-trainerPONS Vocabulary Trainer

PONS is an online dictionary with a simple and easy-to-use interface that may be used for online translator. It becomes the right choice for those who want to know complete history and lengthy description of a word or phrase.

The best part of the app is that it gives you complete details even about those words that have several meanings. It explains whether the word is noun, adverb or adjective and explains the meaning in different connotations.

PONS offers the right translation of a word and helps you find the phrases in which you can use that particular word. Interesting, isn’t it! You will love the site if you like knowing more about words, language and related things. 

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Our Words

This is not the final list of Translation Apps for your Android or iPhone, you may find and prefer something different from us. Let us know your preference by quoting a message in the Comment Box below or just Click Here to contact us.