Top 5 Video Calling Apps

The advancing technology has made it possible to carry a smartphone in almost every person’s hands. More often people use to capture memorable moments of their life and make calls to their friends, family, colleagues and clients etc. Life has become easier and easier with smartphones; isn’t it?

With the introduction of better and faster mobile data networks like 3G and 4G, shopping, banking, communicating and, of course, video calls have become more popular way of communicating with friends and relatives through smartphones. Video calling is an innovative technology that lets us see the face of the person whom we are talking – face to face chat.

Most of the smartphones possess a high-quality front-facing camera (selfie shooter). Video calls can only be made with front-facing camera and a faster internet connection.

To make video calls you need the best video calling app installed in our devices. That is why we have listed top 5 video calling apps for Android and iPhone users.

Remember, to make video call on any of the below-listed apps, the other end should also be on the same app.

Top 5 Video Calling App for iPhone and Android

Without wasting your precious time, let us go through top 5 calling apps for both iOS and Android devices. The list is in descending order; as I rate the apps below. You may vary the order or even add your favourite one by posting your comments at the end of the article.

google-duoGoogle Duo

Google Duo is relatively new and simple video calling app that has launched recently and can be used in both iOS and Android devices. To make a video call, you only need to enter your phone number to create account. So you can sign up in just a few second and will be able to communicate with your friends whose numbers are in your phone’s contact list.

The best thing of this app is that your call will never drop while chatting with someone because Duo app connects very quickly and works well even on slower networks. Moreover, all duo calls are the end to end encrypted by default so that none of the intermediate networks can tap into your call.


Line is a very popular video calling app for Android and iOS devices that lets people to make video calls from their smartphones. Simply tap a person name from Line list and click on the camera sign to start a video call. If you are on a faster internet connection, this app will give you the high-quality video calling features.

LINE allows its users to create video and audio messages as much as they want. Line app also comes with a bundle of stickers and emojis that lets you express more creatively.


Hangout, another Google product, is one of the most popular video calling apps that is pre-installed on all Android devices. Obviously, you can use it on your iPhone or iPad also.

To create an account in hangouts you will need a Google account to sign up. To start a conversation you have to open the hangouts app and at the bottom right tap on Add (+) then select the person you want to communicate with from your contact list and click on the video camera sign to launch a video call.

It is a complete messaging app with text, SMS, video and audio calls. Hangouts can be used to make a video call with 10 people simultaneously that will connect with your family, friends or team members easily via mobile networks and WiFi.


IMO is another very popular video calling app that offers high-quality video and voice calls on Android and iOS. If you are on a slower network, l,ike 2G, it will give you a clear video and voice quality. All chats and calls are encrypted in IMO. This app comes bundled with a lot of different stickers to express your emotions.

To start video call you need to sign up to IMO to create your account. you can send unlimited messages, share photos and videos. Moreover, you can create group chats and group video calls with friends, family and others over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections.


Skype is by far the most well-known name in the video calling arena and one of the oldest and best video calling app for iPhone and Android devices. It enables you to make video calls to individuals or groups anywhere in the world for free. It has nearly 700 million registered users.

Skype carries easy-to-use interface, no matter what platform you are using. Because of its popularity, a lot of people and companies are using Skype to make high quality video calls.

You can use this app in all the devices like desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Apart from voice and video calling you can also share files and send messages to your friends.


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