Smartphones have revolutionized and digitized today’s world in a way that nobody can even think of spending a moment without smartphone. Likewise smartphones do each and everything for you whatever you may think of. Could you even imagine of being socialized in such a way that the world rests in your hands? Certainly no.

Today I am going to talk about one of very common uses of modern devices; digitizing the documents. We saw heavy duty machines known as scanners doing the same job in recent past. But thanks to smartphones, you may scan any document anywhere and store it on your device or use cloud storage apps for further use.

So are you thinking for scanning forms into PDF format, receipts for taxes or filled out forms for email; there are a bunch of document scanning apps available on Google Play Store to find Android users the right one. It is a very broad field and it can be difficult to find the app that fits best for your choice. No problem; we have listed the top five document scanning apps on Play Store to help you out.


To start with my list, I will discuss my favourite one and the most popular scanning app on Play Store that is CamScanner. It provides quite a long list of features. To begin with, you can scan apps and export to PDF or JPEG format. Additionally, those can be printed using cloud printing or even fax.

The CamScanner also comes with an option of native cloud support or cloud support for Drive, Dropbox or Box. There are even collaboration features.

Plus point is that you can subscribe to these services for $4.99 only.


genius-scanGenius Scan

Here comes my second favourite document scanning app that is also one of the top rated apps on Play Store – the Genius Scan. I personally like this app for its expedient features enabling me to improve scanning of things like school notes, whiteboards and other items that could be useful when digitized.

Moreover, the Genius Scan supports other key features for document scanning, conversion and sharing with others.


clear-scannerClear Scanner

Next to my line-up comes one of the lighter document scanning application – the Clear Scanner. One of prominent features associated with this app is the fast processing speed as well as cloud support for Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

The Clear Scanner is relatively small in size with a number of organizing features and editing options helping you out to save, crop, export or share the document as per your need.

You can get the app for free or pay the $2.49 for the pro version.


simple-scanSimple Scan

Next, comes the Simple Scan which is a simple PDF document scanner. You can scan and share your documents as needed. The files are saved as PDF or JPEG files.

The Simple Scan app comes with multiple image processing modes, five levels of contrast for clearer scans and a password lock on sensitive documents.

The Pro version goes for $4.99, but many of the features are available for free.


adobe-scanAdobe Scan

Last to my list lies a relatively newer document scanning app – the Adobe Scan. This app enables you to scan your documents and receipts along with the option of including color presets for documents. Documents conversion to PDF is another feature that it offers.

The list of the features offered by Adobe Scan isn’t long but still it fulfils all the requirements of a handy document scanner.



You may write in the comment box below about your experience with these apps or even suggest more document scanning apps to others.