The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, has revealed the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in an event held in New York last week with big fanfare and extensive press coverage. The expectations of the company are very high with their new product especially after the sad demise of Galaxy Note 7 last year.

Even though a huge number of rumors kept on circulating in the tech blogs, the S8 and S8 Plus still managed to keep some details secret, like the new digital assistant “Bixby” which were surfaced but went unconfirmed until the final reveal.

As for now, we know all those hidden secrets that make the new device a tech miracle, let us find out top five features of Galaxy S8 to become your next phone.

Infinity Display

The most astonishing feature of the S8 is an almost completely bezel-free display, running the full width of the device, even curving around the edge and shrinking the chin and forehead of the front screen to tiny slivers. Samsung has named it the “infinity display” and even the home button has been replaced with a pressure-sensitive section at the bottom of the screen.


The screen, with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels on both models, is also the first on a mobile phone to be rated as Mobile HDR Premium, certifying it as meeting a certain standard for high dynamic range content – showing blacker blacks, brighter whites and a generally larger range of brightness than most phones.

Biometric Facial Recognition

The fingerprint scanner has become mainstream feature of any smartphone so it seems strange not to see it in a phone. In the case of Galaxy S8 however, the scanner is located at an awkward spot (at the side near the back camera). It is possible when attempting to use it, you would end up smudging the camera instead of touching the fingerprint sensor.


It seems that Samsung prejudged the issue and tried to rectify it by including an iris scanner at the front. The iris scanner scans your eyes to unlock your smartphone. All you need to do is to look at your phone to unlock it, the phone will automatically detect your eyes and face.

Headphone Jack

The future of headphone jack on a flagship smartphone felt in danger when Apple skipped it from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus last year. At the time Apple explained that this was to “save space” and to make the phone thinner.


Fortunately Samsung did not skip the headphone jack from Galaxy S8. Now we expect that the others are less likely to consider of its removal either from their flagship devices. If that wasn’t enough, the S8 series will also come with a pair of Harman branded ear buds for the best listening experience.

Bixby – Digital Assistant

Google, Apple and even Microsoft have their own digital assistants to offer various tasks. Samsung did not have anything to offer on this front, until now. Samsung’s answer to voice commands is Bixby. And according to the company, it is not your average AI based digital assistant.


Samsung bills it as: “anything you can do with touch, you can do with voice”. Tell Bixby to “call this guy” and the assistant will see whichever contact you have open right now and call them. Samsung showed a demo on stage where it was asked to rotate a photo, play a video and send a video over to a television screen.

The assistant is good at object recognition (use the camera and it can recognize things and order them online for you) and interacting with Bixby for weather, fitness activity and more is pretty simple as well.


Dex or Samsung Desktop Experience dock is “Continuum for Android”. For those who don’t know, Microsoft had included support for a dock that could turn your Windows phone into a PC.

Samsung’s version allows you to run multiple apps but most of them look like over-sized phone versions of the apps. Any app works as long as it is updated for Android Nougat. You can receive notifications for messages and calls on the monitor.


The dock itself has HDMI, keyboard and mouse support and two USB ports. It also has a fan on the back of the phone to cool it down while doing heavier tasks. The phone connects with the dock through a USB type-C port.

If you think we have missed any other prominent feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 from our debate, let us know by writing in the comment box below.