Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life as people start their day having a peep on their devices and end up while going to bed. Although there are many potential dangers related to smartphones but the one associated with batteries is the most talked about. The increasing amount of smartphone users and the trend of introducing larger capacity batteries into tighter devices has made it a hot topic of the day.

In recent past, Samsung came across a nightmare with the exploding batteries of Galaxy Note 7 while it is Apple that has been in headlines at the moment; first because of controversial software updates reducing performance of older iPhones and now due to reports of two iPhones catching fire in two days in different parts of the world.

Apple Store in Zurich Catches Fire

First incident reported from an Apple Store in Zurich on Tuesday, January 9th where allegedly, an iPhone 6s Plus caught fire when an Apple employee was in the midst of removing its battery resulting in huge amounts of smoke. As a result, about 50 people — customers and employees alike — were forced to evacuate the store and a fire truck, police car, and several ambulances were dispatched.

According to the reports of a local media outlet 20min, no major accident happened in the fire incident. However, the employee that was working on battery replacement of that handset faced a minor burn on hand and seven people were given medical treatment in the called ambulances and none were carried to the hospital.

According to Zurich Police, the Apple Store staff reacted “timely and appropriately” by sprinkling quartz sand over the tantrum-throwing battery and maxing out the facility’s ventilation to have it suck out the smoke.

Apple Store in Valencia, Spain Catches Fire

The next day, an Apple Store in Valencia, Spain was reported filled with smoke after a battery inside an iPhone (model not confirmed) caught fire on January 10th. Reportedly, an Apple employee was replacing the battery when the unit caught fire resulting in flames and heavy smoke. However, the flames were immediately smothered by the workers at the store and windows and doors were opened for ventilation of the smoke.

The Apple Store in Valencia, Spain Catching Fire

Later on, Police department confirmed that the incident of iPhone explosion happened at 1:30 pm local time of Spain on Wednesday however, no injuries were recorded at the incident. It seems that the fresh incident was not much harmful than Tuesday’s incident of Zurich.


Apple faces a huge criticism the way it handled the aging batteries in its own iPhones by hiding the facts from its customers. But at least the company apologized for the miscommunication and has offered $29 battery replacements as a compensation. This has probably caused an influx of customers, flooding Apple Stores to have their batteries replaced and with them, come a huge number of degraded batteries — some less safe than others.